Rupert Grint pranks/steals from Matthew Lewis

Where exactly is the line between “harmless prank” and “outright thievery” located? That’s the question I asked myself when I watched this interview with Matthew Lewis (Neville in the Harry Potter films) on a morning news show. He tells what everyone apparently thinks is a very amusing story about how Lewis’ Harry Potter costar Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) paid for meals by putting them on Lewis’ tab for months on end. Is the story as innocent as it seems? You decide.

Okay, I’m sure Grint and Lewis are friends, and I’m certain Lewis can afford it, given that he appeared in a major motion picture franchise and has gotten steady acting work since, but if the circumstances were a little different, I don’t think everyone would be taking this so lightly. What if Lewis didn’t have the money to spare, huh? Or what if Grint was acting on a long-held grudge instead of an impish, Fred and George-esque desire to prank his fellow Hogwarts classmates? Would the talk show cohost be gently chastising Grint for being “so naughty” then? WOULD SHE?

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