Rupert Grint, Maggie Smith & Miriam Margolyes

Some of our celebrities in the Potterverse have been very busy these last few months. Emma Watson, for instance, has taken a year off of acting to basically go find the inner Hermione she’s been denying all these years, before heading back to play Belle in Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast. Dan Radcliffe has been donating his time and his life story to the BBC as part of the Great BBC Campaign to try and save the channel’s charter when David Cameron tries to kill it dead once and for all. Matthew Lewis has been starring in TV show after TV show, and will even play Emilia Clarke’s hapless boyfriend in her upcoming romantic tearjerker.

Then there’s Rupert Grint. Not that we don’t love Rupert. But as he said, when Harry potter ended, he didn’t want to head straight into acting. He wanted to take a gap year. Pr three. Or five.

But now he’s getting back int he saddle, and starting to work the publicity machine again. In this clip, run on the French program Le Grand Journal, he does his best Ed Sheeren impression. Gingers, they stick together, do they not?

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