Harry Potter Actor Almost Starred In “A Cinderella Story”

During the early 2000’s, Disney Channel and One Tree Hill fans alike united in their obsession with the epic teen rom-com A Cinderella Story. The film which stars Hilary Duff and OTH alum Chad Michael Murray, put 21st century twist on a timeless fairy tale. We followed Duff’s character Sam as she slaved away at her step-mother’s diner and inadvertently grabs the attention of the school hottie, Austin Ames (Murray).

If you were alive and kicking in 2004, then you get just how perfect this casting was. However, what if we told you that originally, another actor had the role of Austin Ames? That is correct, Murray was only offered the role after Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley dropped out of the film.


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