5 Celebrities Who Are Afraid Of Spiders And 6 Reasons Why They Shouldn’t Be

Sick Celebrities reports Justin Timberlake has always been pretty open in regards to what he’s afraid of. In addition to being afraid of spiders, he also has two other phobias which include galeophobia (fear of sharks), and ophidiophobia (fear of snakes). Just how deep is Justin’s fear of spiders? Well, he claims to have spotted a spider in a hotel room he was staying in once and had to get someone to remove the spider for him because he was too afraid to remove the spider himself.

Rupert Grint: According to AZ Central, Rupert Grint – much like his character Ron from Harry Potter ­– is terrified of spiders. In fact, Rupert Grint is so afraid of spiders he checks his shoes every day to make sure there are not any spiders inside before he puts them on his feet.

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